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    gold filled vs. gold plated

We are proud to feature 14/20 gold filled material in our gold filled jewelry.  We have written this article to help you to understand the differences between the two materials and the differences between other types of gold filled as well.

Gold filled, also sometimes called gold overlay, is made by heat and pressure-bonding a layer of solid sheet gold to a core metal.  Our gold filled uses brass as the core metal.  Cheaper gold filled and gold overlay use a less expensive base metal.

The designation "14/20" means the following: the "14" stands for 14 Karat gold which is the layer of pure gold that the piece of jewelry contains; the "20" stands for 1/20 of the total weight of the metal part of the jewelry, or 5% of the jewelry item is 14 Karat gold.  

Most gold filled jewelry on the market today is 12/20 gold filled.  This means that the item being described is 12 Karat gold overlaid, not the more expensive 14 Karat gold found in our jewelry.

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